Getting Started

Welcome to the My Urban Patch Community!

Keen to get started? We bet you are! Simply follow the steps below and you will be growing in no time!

  1. As a starting point, refer to the recommend garden layout for your kit. This outlines how many varieties of each plant we recommend you grow and how to space them appropriately in your garden beds or containers.
  2. Watch our video on seed germination, then refer to our grow guides for detailed instructions on how to start the seeds included in your garden kit. Sow seeds that require the use of our germination pods and leave them to grow in a mini greenhouse as per the instructional video.
  3. While you are waiting for your seeds to germinate, prepare your garden beds and or containers. Refer to our setting up your vegetable patch page for detailed instructions.
  4. Once your garden bed or pots are ready, you can plant the direct sow seeds that were included in your kit. 
  5. Transplant seedlings from the mini greenhouse into your garden beds and pots once they are big enough. Refer to our video on transplanting seedlings for detailed instructions. 
  6. Water your garden as required (a good way to tell if your garden needs to be watered is to stick your finger a few centimetres into the dirt. If the dirt at your fingertip is dry then water the garden and if it is wet you can check again tomorrow).
  7. The Green Room will be updated regularly throughout the growing season with tips to keep you on track and recipes for you to enjoy at the end. We will send you an email to let you know when new content has been added. 
If you have any questions throughout your gardening journey please don't hesitate to contact us and most importantly have fun growing!