My Urban Patch


My Urban Patch founder Hannah Bryce lives in Sydney with her Husband, Daughter and Gus the Mini Groodle. Hannah is a self-confessed gardening addict, dog lover and home cook who can often be found with a wine in her hand (preferably red, but sometimes white or rose). A Radiographer, turned Project Manager and now Content Creator + Entrepreneur, her passion for gardening started young when helping her Grandparents in their veggie patch. Hannah now applies the same principals learnt in Rural Queensland all those years ago to her small inner-city backyard growing enough food to feed her young family.


Hannah started the @myurbanpatch Instagram account as a way to express creativity and document her journey growing food in a small inner-city rental property. These days her Instagram feed is a combination of beautiful harvests from the backyard, tips for novice gardeners, delicious recipe creations and a candid look at life as she navigates motherhood. While this amazing online community allowed Hannah the opportunity to connect with other like-minded people, it also highlighted that very few people in her inner circle know how to grow their own food. As a result, Hannah was inspired to create something that would encourage others to be more self sufficient, with a particular focus on creating the next generation of gardeners and so her passion project was born...


At My Urban Patch we are firm believers that anyone can grow their own food regardless of location, living arrangement or experience. Our aim is to help everyone become more self sufficient including kids, adults, apartment dwellers, renters, city slickers and everyone in between. Our products and services are designed to make gardening as easy, fun & rewarding as possible. 

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