Sunflower Garden Kit - Garden Layout

The following example layout is based on a 90cm x 90cm garden bed.  We recommend that you use this layout as a starting point and adjust to suit your growing space. Click here to watch a video that provides more information regarding garden layouts and plants spacing.
If you are feeling creative, you can also plant sunflowers in existing garden beds between established plants and flowers. Make sure you share photos of your garden with us on social media so we can see the results!

Additional Growing Notes

Your garden kit includes 8 germination pods. This is enough to grow 2 giant Russian, 2 sunbird, 2 evening sun and 2 teddy bear plants. Of course you don't have to grow the quantities as per our recommended layout, you can use the seeds and germination pods to grow any combination you like. 

The giant Russian sunflowers might require staking to protect them from harsh winds and support the weight of the flower as they grow. We recommend wooden garden stakes which you can find at most nurseries.

 Refer to our grow guides for more detailed planting instructions.

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