We CARE about the Environment

It would be weird if we didn't care about the environment given that our core business is gardening however stranger things have happened... At My Urban Patch we consider the environment in everything we do from ensuring our packaging is recyclable (pro tip - you can also feed it to your worm farm or add it to your compost bin!) to using biodegradable products in our garden kits such as coconut coir and cotton bags. 
We also plant a tree for each garden kit sold to offset our carbon omissions. Well not us personally (we don't have that much spare time) instead we donate a percentage of each sale to a charity who plants the trees on our behalf.

We keep it SIMPLE

Unlike others we don't ask you to subscribe to our garden kits. Instead you purchase what you like when you like. We are confident that you will love our products enough to purchase again.

We believe that EVERYONE can Grow

We cater to everyone including those who are growing on balconies or in containers. Everyone can grow their own food you just need an understanding of what varieties will best suit your space and growing conditions.

We are in it for the LONG Run

The Green Room is an online educational resource to help you get results when using our garden kits. We also offer a range of support services to help you establish, plan & maintain your garden.

We SUPPORT other Aussies

We are passionate about supporting local small businesses & source our products locally where possible. For example, our cotton bags are handmade in Melbourne, our seed packets are from Toowoomba and our seeds are sourced from local trusted suppliers (except for those that are saved from our garden).