My First Garden Kit
My First Garden Kit
My First Garden Kit
My First Garden Kit
My First Garden Kit

My First Garden Kit

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This garden kit is designed for young green thumbs. Encourage your kids to get outside in the garden and (hopefully) eat some veggies too! This kit includes a small selection of fast growing seeds that can be sown directly in your garden, pots or containers. 
Once your kit arrives simply follow the instructions to access The Green Room where you will find everything you need to ensure a successful harvest including grow guides, how-to videos and garden layouts. This members only educational hub will be updated throughout the growing season with tips to keep you on track and recipes so you can enjoy your tasty home grown produce at harvest time.
This kit is designed for a garden with at least 1 m2 of growing space & includes the following:
4 Seed varieties
Grow guides
How to set up a vegetable patch guide
Recommended garden layout
 Access to The Green Room our members only, online educational resource providing how-to videos, advice and ongoing support.
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This Garden Kit includes the following seed varieties:
Growing up to 45cm tall, these dwarf sunflowers grow on short sturdy stems and produce multiple medium sized fluffy flower heads (hence the name teddy bear). Great variety for sensory gardens due to their soft texture.
Fast growing dwarf bush bean with an abundance of long yellow pods. Perfect for growing in containers & fun to grow with kids.
Compact bush variety that produces green cucumber fruits up to 20cm in size. Tasty fruit that is perfect for use in salads.
A colourful mix of small round radishes. Ready to eat within 4-6 weeks of sowing they can be pickled or used in salads.